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More Than Just A Pretty Face

There's More To Me Than You Might Think

8/26/06 09:23 am - I Knew I Kept This Journal For A Reason

I never got around to deleting this journal. I am very, very happy that it is still here. Karen is on one of her "Sarah is a psychotic lunatic who needs to be locked up" rampages again. So I went in here and showed proof of all of the bullshit she has put me through. The woman is fucking responsible for my nervous breakdown and for me being with John... she is probably the only person in the entire world that I truly hate.

This all started when Shane mentioned a journal entry that Karen tried to get me arrested for... of course she never mentioned the shit she pulled, so I enlightened him. It also helps that for everything I ever say about the woman, I have something to back it up with.

So, I think I might start using this journal again for Karen shit-kicking purposes.

2/19/06 04:44 pm - What Do You Think Of Me?

I'm curious.What are my good qualities?You can be honest. I won't hate you for it. Or you can flame me if you prefer.

Tell me what you think.
Hee Hee.

2/16/06 06:12 pm - Go Ebichu! And Alex is my son...Reasoning Down Below

Yawn. A watched pot never boils. I want my Ebichu now! I still have like 5 hours until it's done. And then I'll start downlaoding aishiteruze baby. I'm so excited for my anime. Any reccomendations on what else to get? I'm trying to start a collection. Not that I will ever be as hardcore as Sana, but it keeps my mind off of Francois. Oh and did I mention that I'm spending the day with Alex and Francois on Saturday? Operation get my man back in effect. Wait a second. I don't want him back. What the hell am I thinking? I do want to see Alex. And anyone, I repeat ANYONE who wants to argue with me over whether or not that's my son can fucking bring it. Put me in the position of being a caregiver and I get attached. Don't fuck with me on this issue. I know that I did not give birth to Alex. I know I did not raise him for the preceding 11 years to our relationship. I never did, nor do I have now any intentions of replacing Karen. I DID however, take care of him for over a year. I did help feed and clothe him. I was there (and still am) when he needed anything. I did anything any parent does. There may be no blood links, but that is my son. Part of the problem here is that Karen does not believe in adoption. I didn't either until I had Alex in my life. Oh my god... I'm sorry everyone. I'm still tripping off of Karen. She WILL NOT take Alex away form me. And Francois backs me up on that issue. Thank God.

2/12/06 03:33 am - Ghostbusters! Best Shooter In The World!!

The world's best shooter: Ghostbusters. The rule is no more than 3 in a night, no matter how much you can drink.

You make a B-52 (recipe as follows)

B-52 Ingredients

1/3 shot Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1/3 shot amaretto almond liqueur
1/3 shot Bailey's® Irish cream

B-52 Mixing Directions
Carefully layer ingredients, in order, into a shot glass; kahlua, amaretto, then irish cream.

Then you make a rye and coke in a tall glass, no ice, but put just enough coke in to cover the bottom.

Pour out a shot of sour puss.

You got that? Now you drop the B-52 into the rye and coke and chug. Finish with the sour puss. About 10 minutes after finishing that you'll see why it's called a ghostbuster. (hint: it sneeks up on you)

2/12/06 02:28 am - John Drunk... Making Fun Of Francois...Wants To Talk To Him

John is really loaded right now. He's talking about Francois and how much he regrets hurting him. Dude! I feel bad for coming betwwen friends. What John fails to understand is that i really loved francois a lot. I loved Francois with all my heart. He wants to talk to Francois and try to work things out. Let's hope he can. Let's hope we can. John says that he has to live with the fact that I've been with Francois and he knows what John knows. He says that is hard to come to grips with. I don't know. Let's see.

2/8/06 06:39 pm - Acclaim Karaoke Updates

Acclaim Karaoke Updates: acclaimkaraoke

Spent my whole day doing this. Tomorrow: posters and books. This job kicks ass!
This lj is where I update everyone on what's going on with the karaoke world. Feel free to leave comments and add it to your friends list.

Sadly, this shows how much spare time I have on my hands.

2/8/06 01:28 pm - I Got A Regular Gig!!

Starting next Monday I host karaoke at the St. Regis every Monday Night! I'm so excited. I get a show every week now. I'm there from 8:30 to 1:30. Every Monday. Come see me. Support my show!!!

2/8/06 02:18 am - Francois Can Go To Hell- Dumbass Fucktard- Bastard Who Never Gave A Rat's Ass About Me

Ugh! I am so pissed off and hurt right now I could scream. Francois is such a dick. I can fucking see how much he really cared for me. I'm going to get my shit from his place and he tells me he has a date for some fucking wedding that we all have to go to next month. So I'm like who? Yvonne? and he's like yeah. He used to throw Yvonne in my face all the time about how she would go out with him in a second. So what I'm curious about is how long after breaking up with him did it take for her to call her? All of ten seconds is my guess. Fucking dick head. I see how much he really cared about me. He didn't. He used me to get a bedroom for Alex. Now I see why he would never show me that he loved me. Because he didn't. I have my reasons for being with John, and they're not about my love for him. Now I'm really wishing I had stayed with Francois long enough for him to be killed. HE FUCKING DESERVED IT FUCKING FILTHY BASTARD I HATE HIM!!! I HOPE SOMEONE FUCKING STRANGLES HIM WITH A GODDAMNED MICROPHONE CABLE DUMBASS WHO ACTUALLY THINKS HE HAS A GOOD VOICE!!!

I wasted a fucking year of my life giving all my heart to this man. Someone who never deserved it. I hope he chokes on his damn teeth and dies. Fucking prick. And I hope he reads this. Fucking two faced little bastard. Goes around and talks shit about me. And he wants to call himself a friend? Fuck off. With friends like that I sure as hell don't need enemies. That makes him no better than my fiance.

2/4/06 12:34 pm

Thanks Francois. Thank you so much for doing nothing but talking smack behind my back. You know what. Whatever. Like I care. Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to beleive her.

2/4/06 04:12 am

bleed (i must be dreaming): you're in deep with

emotions and dont know what to do. eventually

it builds up and you might happen to hurt

yourself by scratching, cutting, or burning.

sometimes you come out of it and may be a bit

in shock. maybe not at what's going on but

just how things got so bad you've ended up

hurting yourself. (by the way, chances are

this song isnt about this topic)
your colors: deep red- not because of bleeding, but

the warmth you long to be back in your heart.
your heaven: to find happiness and your scars to

your hell: having to bleed again

Your Lyrics:
How can I pretend that I don't see
What you hide so carelessly?
I saw her bleed
You heard me breathe
And I froze inside myself
And turned away
I must be dreaming

We all live
We all die
That does not begin to justify you

It's not what it seems
Not what you think
No I must be dreaming
It's only in my mind
Not in real life
No I must be dreaming

Help you know I've got to tell someone
Tell them what I know you've done
I fear you but spoken fears can come true

We all live
We all die
That does not begin to justify you

It's not what it seems
Not what you think
No I must be dreaming
It's only in my mind
Not in real life
No I must be dreaming

Not what it seems
Not what you think
I must be dreaming

Just in my mind
Not in real life
I must be dreaming

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